NEW: KORREK Pro TFC™ Ceramic Wax

KORREK Pro TFC™ Ceramic Wax is an exceptionally easy to use paste wax which can also be used to protect the rubber, plastic, and glass surfaces of the vehicle. It gives the treated surfaces a long lasting protection effect.


KORREK Pro TFC™ Hydrox

KORREK Pro TFC™ Hydrox is a time-saving ceramic wet coating that creates an immediate water and dirt-repellent protective effect on all vehicle exterior surfaces. The extremely simple application of Hydrox is ready in 5 minutes!

Note when using this product: the product must not dry on surfaces as drying causes streak marks.


  1. Treat one panel (e.g., a door) at a time with approximately 1-2 sprays per panel.
  2. Rinse immediately, including adjacent panels.
  3. Wipe and polish the surfaces to remove any residue.
  4. Do not use in sunlight or on warm surfaces.

KORREK Pro TFC™ Polymatrix

Ceramic coating in just 15 minutes! Polymatrix is a SiO2 based, particularly fast-processing, new- technology ceramic spray coating.



Fast-acting and effective iron remover and wheel cleaner.

KORREK Pro TFC™ Reload

A completely new effective and simultaneously coating detergent for washing all outer surfaces of your car.