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KORREK Pro TFC™ Hydrox

KORREK Pro TFC™ Hydrox is a time-saving ceramic wet coating that creates an immediate water and dirt-repellent protective effect on all vehicle exterior surfaces. The extremely simple application of Hydrox is ready in 5 minutes!

Hydrox protective effect is activated by water: simply spray onto the cleaned, still wet surface, rinse with water and the ceramic coating protection (e.g. against road salt, UV radiation, tar, etc.) is created immediately. Gives a mirror-like shine to paint and metal surfaces and makes them highly repellent against water and dirt. Thanks to the user-friendly SiO2-based coating, dirt does not stick to the surfaces of the car directly. Instead, it can be removed easily from the treated surfaces. Hydrox is especially suitable for the maintenance treatment of a KORREK Pro TFC™ Polymatrix coating.


700 ml



Use at temperatures between +5 and +25°C, never apply onto hot surfaces. Do not let the product freeze.

 Instructions for use:

  1. Thoroughly wash the vehicle before using Hydrox. Recommendation: Use a wax- or silicone free shampoo to clean the vehicle, e.g. KORREK Pro High Foam Shampoo.
  2. Shake the bottle before use. Spray Hydrox on the freshly washed and still wet surface. About 2-6 sprays per vehicle surface (e.g. engine bonnet) are sufficient.
  3. Rinse the treated area immediately with water to prevent Hydrox from drying on the surface. The product is activated by water and the water pressure spreads the product evenly on the surfaces. Use therefore a separate shower connected to water outlet or a high-pressure washer.
  4. Finalize the treatment by wiping off any water drops with a microfiber cloth. 

Recommendation: In order to strengthen and extend the protective effect of Hydrox, wash the vehicle in future with KORREK Pro TFC™ Reload ceramic coating shampoo. All KORREK Pro products can be easily combined with one another.


Where to use

All exterior surfaces of the vehicle: paint, rubber, plastic, aluminum, chrome, foiled and matt surfaces or side windows.


Pullo Hydroxia riittää noin 6-10 henkilöauton käsittelyyn. Kesto: 2-4 kk, riippuen auton käyttöolosuhteista ja pesutavoista

Räcker till: (700 ml) 6–10 personbilar. Hållbarhet: 2–4 månader, beroende på hur bilen används och tvättmetoderna


Suojeltava jäätymiseltä.

Skyddas mot frysning.


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Love this, eazy to use and gives a nice shine on the paint! THANKS FOR YOUR REPLY, ALF-INGE <3/Hilla/Korrek/Berner



Tein ohjeiden mukaan, mutta auton tuulilasi on täysin raidallinen, joka pimeällä haittaa näkyvyyttä. Aine on ihan varmasti muuttunut, koska aiemmin tein täsmälleen samalla tavalla tallissa sisällä, mutta pinta oli hyvä. Nyt vuoden ajan kaikissa autoissa ja maastopyörissä pahoja jälkiä. En osta enee ikinä Korrekkia!