Korrek Power Wash

Powerful bio solvent cleaner for cleaning stubborn and difficult dirt.

Korrek Wax Shampoo

Efficient, 2in1 car detergent for painted and metal surfaces. No dilution with water!

KORREK Wheel Cleaner

Very effective and quick acting, pH-neutral detergent for steel, aluminium and alloy rims and hubcaps.

KORREK Cleaner Wax

Pastelike cleaning and polishing wax for matt or oxygenated paint, metal and chrome surfaces.

KORREK Gloss Wax

Highly cleansing and polishing car wax for protecting painted surfaces of all kinds and colours.

Korrek Protection Wax

Contains Carnauba wax. This car wax provides highly durable protection for painted surfaces of all types and colours.

KORREK Quick Wax

Very easy-to-use spray wax for protecting painted surfaces of all types and colours. Enough for ca 10 treatments depending of the size of the car.

KORREK Glass Cleaner Foam

Powerful cleaning foam for glass, plastic, and acrylic surfaces. Also suitable for painted and chrome plated surfaces.

KORREK Car Wipes 22 pcs

Disposable wet-strength fibre cloths that are ideally suited for waxing, polishing and cleaning.

Korrek Shampoo Sponge

Washing sponge containing powerful Korrek shampoo and wax for an effortless and quick car wash and care.

Korrek Silicone Oil

100% silicone oil for lubricating, care, and protecting of rubber, plastic, fiberglass, and metallic surfaces.