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KORREK Pro TFC™ Ultra Finish

Finishing agent for paint, rubber, plastic, aluminium, and chrome surfaces.

Designed to complement KORREK Pro TFC™ Kestopinnoite or other ceramic treatment, like Korrek Pro TFC™ Polymatrix: Finishing agent that gives the surface really deep shine. The product also strengthens the protection that KORREK Pro TFC™ Kestopinnoite provides. The finishing agent is also suitable as such for surfaces that are in good condition, if you want to emphasize the shine. Ideal for final polishing after Korrek Kestovaha treatment. Especially easy and simple to use: spray on a clean, dry surface, spread with a Korrek microfibre cloth – no drying time or mechanical handling.





1. Shake the bottle before use. Spray the finishing agent to an area, e.g. size of the hood, at a time.
2. Spread the agent to surface by wiping lightly with KORREK microfibre cloth.
Operating temperature +5 – +25°C, do not apply on a hot surface.


Sufficient (350 ml) for about 2-3 treatments.

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Ensin Korrek TFC Polymatrix ja perään tämä.
Tulee tolkuttoman kiiltävä auto, helposti ja nopeasti.
Pinta hylkii likaa erinomaisesti.