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KORREK Pro TFC™ Reload

A completely new effective and simultaneously coating detergent for washing all outer surfaces of your car.

KORREK Pro TFC™ Reload shampoo forms a thin film coating (TFC) that deflects water and dirt and protects surfaces from external factors like road salt and tar. Surface becomes really shiny and dirt is removed easily from it.


The product is designed for washing cars that have been treated with KORREK Pro TFC™ Coating. Regular use of the product strengthens the coating. Also suitable for washing of non-coated surfaces.


350 ml



1. Rinse loose dirt with running water. Prewash heavily dirty surfaces with KORREK Tehopesu.
2. Pour 30 ml of detergent (4 caps) to a bucket and fill with cool water.
3. Wash the car from top to bottom, start from cleaner parts. Rinse the cleaning tool frequently so that the removed dirt does not scratch the paintwork. The detergent must not be let to dry on the surface and must not be used on a hot surface.
4. Rinse the car carefully with plenty of water. Finish the surface by drying the car with, for example, Korrek microfibre cloth. If you want to enhance the paint gloss even more, use KORREK Pro TFC™ Viimeistelyaine that gives the paintwork really deep shine.

Where to use

All outer surfaces of the car.


About 10 washes depending on how dirty the car is. Dosage 30 ml/10L water.


Keep out of the reach of children. Dispose of the contents/package in compliance with local regulations.



Alkyl polyglygoside
C 12/15 fatty alcohol ethoxylated
Aminofunctional polysiloxane
Aliphatic hydrocarbon
Isopropyl alcohol
Isotridekanol, ethoxylated
Cetrimonium Chloride
Acetic Acid
Sodium Pyrithione
Laurylamine Dipropylenediamine

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Causes serious damage to eyes. Irritating to skin. IN CASE OF CHEMICAL COMES INTO CONTACT WITH EYES: If eye irritation continues, seek medical advice. IN CASE OF CHEMICAL COMES INTO CONTACT WITH SKIN: wash off with plenty of water and soap.

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