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NEW: KORREK Pro TFC™ Ceramic Wax

KORREK Pro TFC™ Ceramic Wax is an exceptionally easy to use paste wax which can also be used to protect the rubber, plastic, and glass surfaces of the vehicle. It gives the treated surfaces a long lasting protection effect.


Ceramic Wax gives brilliant shine to the paint and metal surfaces. It can be applied both on dry surfaces as well as on damp surfaces right after washing, unlike traditional waxes. After a short drying period, it is easy to buff the wax. The Ceramic Wax treatment makes the surfaces highly repellent against water and dirt, which will significantly facilitate washing in the future. Ceramic Wax is a safe, high-performing hybrid wax which combines SiO2 and carnauba wax.



The Ceramic Wax can be applied both on dry surfaces as well as on damp surfaces right after washing, unlike traditional waxes.


150 g



Use at temperatures between +5 and +25°C, never apply onto hot surfaces or in direct sunlight. Protect from freezing.

  1. Wash the vehicle carefully before waxing. Recommendation: Use a silicone free shampoo, e.g. KORREK Pro High Foam Shampoo for washing.
  2. Apply Ceramic Wax using the provided sponge. Wax can be applied to moist surfaces right after washing. A thin layer on the surface is enough.
  3. Let the wax dry on the surface for 5–10 minutes. The drying time depends on the working conditions, such as the temperature and air humidity.
  4. Buff the waxed surfaces with the provided microfiber cloth. Take full advantage of the microfiber cloth by folding it so that you will always have a fresh surface to buff the following panel.

Recommendation: Use the KORREK Pro TFC™ Reload shampoo with coating effect when washing the car in the future to intensify the protection given by Ceramic Wax. All KORREK Pro products can be used with each other.


Where to use

Paint, rubber, plastic, aluminum, and chrome surfaces, including taped surfaces. Not recommended for matte surfaces


Capacity: 150 g, up to more than 10 wax treatments/ vehicles.

Protection effect: up to 12 months depending on the driving conditions and washing methods


Protect from freezing.

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