KORREK Pro Ceramic TFC™ NanoSeal 4K

KORREK Pro Ceramic TFC™ NanoSeal 4K is a permanent ceramic coating for professional use. The coating effectively protects surface from scratching and hides existing scratches.

KORREK Pro Ceramic TFC™ Big Apple

Big Apple is pleasantly scented and effective, yet gentle shampoo for washing all outer surfaces of your car, also for matt and glossy taped areas.

Korrek Lensitil BR

Powerful emulsifiable hydrocarbon based solvent cleaner for degreasing and removing protective wax as well as washing machines, motors and workshops.

Korrek Hot & Rinse wax

Premium wax concentrate. Use for waxing with car washing machines and high pressure washers.

Korrek Brush Wax

Top-quality wax concentrate for brush or polishing wax in a car washing machine.