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KORREK Eco Pressure Wash

Powerful, low foaming detergent for high-pressure car wash.

Suitable for other water washable surfaces as well.


Nordic Ecolabel. The car detergent contains agents that are minimally hazardous to environment. The ecolabeled product must be at least as efficient as corresponding product without ecolabel.





1. Rinse first loose dirt with running water.
2. Follow the manual for high pressure washer when dosing the detergent in the washer. Max allowed dilution ratio is 20%.
3. Apply detergent with pressure washer to surface and let it affect a couple of minutes. The detergent must not be allowed to dry on the surface.
4. Wash the car with a wash mitt/sponge starting from top (from cleaner to dirty) small part at a time with lengthwise strokes. Rinse the cleaning tool frequently during washing so that the removed dirt does not scratch the paintwork.
5. Rinse the car carefully with plenty of water and dry it.


Erittäin riittoisa: 3 litrasta jopa 60 litraa valmista ainetta



Alkyl polyglygoside
Trisodium dicarboxymethyl alaninate
PPG-2 Methyl ether
C 12/15 fatty alcohol ethoxylated
Alkyl polyglygoside
Citric acid
Sodium Pyrithione

Laurylamine Dipropylenediamine

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