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Korrek Protection Wax

Contains Carnauba wax. This car wax provides highly durable protection for painted surfaces of all types and colours.

The product is a mixture of special polymers and high-grade natural waxes that generate a very slippery paint surface and a strong wax surface, which makes it easier to keep the car clean.





Operating temperature about +10 – +30°C. Wax the car in shade/half shade, paint surface muwt not be hot and the wax should not be applied in direct sunlight.

1. Shake the bottle rigorously.
2. Pour some wax on a clean cloth or waxing sponge.
3. Apply a thin layer of wax on a clean and dry surface. You can apply wax all around the car .
4. Let the wax dry to a light gauze. Drying time is affected by air temperature and humidity. The wax is dry when it is dusty when you wipe it away.
5. Wipe the wax off with a clean cloth.


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Erinomainen. Oma suosikkini vuodesta toiseen. Laadukas Carnauba-vaha, jolla saa liukkaan, kiiltävän ja kestävän vahapinnan autoon.