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KORREK Cleaner Wax

Pastelike cleaning and polishing wax for matt or oxygenated paint, metal and chrome surfaces.

Contains abrasive substances. Deep cleaning and smoothens scratches. Also for removing difficult stains like rust, asphalt, salt, petrol etc.
Does not contain silicone , can be used as cleaning wax for boats as well.
Best protection is achieved by waxing the surface after Korrek Cleaner Wax treatment with another wax. Suitable for machine polishing.





Wax the car in shade/half shade, paint surface must not be hot and the wax should not be applied in direct sunlight.

1. Shake the bottle rigorously. Unlike other Korrek waxes Kliineri is a thick pastelike wax.
2. Pour some wax on a clean cloth or waxing sponge.
3. Apply a thin layer of wax on clean and dry surface by rubbing lightly, small area at time.
4. Polish immediately.


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