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KORREK Pro TFC™ Polymatrix

Polymatrix is a SiO2 based, particularly fast-processing, new- technology ceramic spray coating.

It forms a durable and efficient water repelling and dirt resistant coating protection layer on all exterior surfaces of the vehicle, lasting up to 6 months. Polymatrix can be applied on a large variety of matt and glossy surfaces such as paint, rubber, plastic, aluminum, and chrome, as well as foiled surfaces. Polymatrix protects the vehicle surfaces from UV radiation and corrosive substances, while creating a lasting deep gloss surface, which is very easy to keep clean as dirt does not stick to the surface. Especially easy and simple to use: apply the coating with a sponge to a clean surface and finish by drying the surfaces lightly with a clean microfibre cloth – no drying time or mechanical handling.

Polymatrix is also used by car care professionals. Polymatrix is such a good product that we give it a Satisfaction Guarantee: if you are not satisfied with the product, you can get your money back by filling in the Satisfaction Guarantee form.





Use at temperatures between +5 and +25°C, never apply onto a hot surface.

Processing time: approx. 15 minutes for coating a complete vehicle

Instructions for use:

  1. Thoroughly clean the vehicle before applying Polymatrix.  Recommendation: To reach the most optimal vehicle cleaning result, use KORREK Pro High Foam Shampoo for pre-wash and KORREK Pro Irox to remove traces of rust particles on the vehicle paint. This ensures that the coating is installed on as clean a surface as possible, which contributes to the coating’s life. Remove excessive water from surfaces to be treated but note that the surfaces do not need to be completely dry.
  2. Shake the Polymatrix bottle before use. Spray the coating directly onto target surface and on the enclosed sponge. Then spread the coating evenly with the sponge to an area, e.g. size of the hood, at a time. Do the same to all areas to be treated. It is important to use the supplied sponge to form a cohesive coating film on the surface.
  3. Finally, without letting Polymatrix dry, gently wipe it off and polish the coated area with the enclosed clean microfibre cloth.

Recommendation: If you want to enhance the paint gloss even more, use KORREK Pro TFC™ Ultra Finish that gives the paintwork really deep shine.When washing the vehicle, KORREK Pro TFC™ Reload is recommended to renew and extend the coating protection.


Capacity: 350 ml for 2–3 treatments

Coating protection effect: up to 6 months depending on driving conditions and washing methods.


Do not let the product freeze.

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