6 facts about taking care of your car’s paintwork with KORREK Pro products

Why do cars get scratched in winter? The de-icing salt makes the car’s rocker panel sticky, resulting in brake dust, tar, and sand clinging onto and scratching the paintwork. The KORREK Pro coating is a new way to care for your car – protect your car fast and easy. All KORREK car care products are developed & manufactured in Finland and tested in the harsh conditions of the North.

  1. Protect the paintwork of your car in just 15 minutes with KORREK Pro TFCTM Polymatrix which is a thin film coating. Polymatrix gives your car a very shiny and slick finish – dirt will slide off your car easier than ever.

You could also wax the car, but waxing takes a little bit more time and effort. The KORREK Pro TFCTM series thin film coating products (TFC = Thin Film Coating) and their care products were developed to make paintwork protection fast and easy.

  1. Paintwork protection and regular washing of your car are essential in winter. You should also play attention to your washing technique: Start with a thorough pre-wash that removes coarse dirt and only then grab your washing tools.

You can use, for example, KORREK Presoak for the pre-wash. As for the actual washing, thin film coating containing KORREK Pro TFCTM Reload shampoo or foamer-compatible KORREK Pro High Foam Shampoo are excellent choices.

  1. A basic wash with car shampoo is not always enough to remove tricky winter dirt and small metal particles that gather around the car’s rocker panel. KORREK Pro Irox is an iron removal product that removes this brake-originated metal dust efficiently. Remove the iron particles after you have washed the car mechanically with a mitt. Iron removal ensures that the paintwork is properly clean and ready for the coating or waxing. Irox contains an effective agent that turns red when it reacts with iron. This product will literally make you see red!
  2. Use the KORREK Pro TFCTM Polymatrix thin film coating to give all the external surfaces of your car protection that lasts up to six months – in only 15 minutes! We give the Polymatrix coating a money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with the result, we will refund you the price of the product.

Polymatrix is based on fresh innovation and safe hybrid polymer technology. You do not have to work the coating mechanically nor wait long for it to dry. You can apply the coating after you have left the washing tunnel line, for example. One bottle of the KORREK Pro TFCTM Polymatrix coating costs approximately €25 and is enough to coat up to three passenger cars. The Polymatrix coating resists normal wash and hard solvent wash better than a waxed finish. Read the detailed instructions

  1. Take care of and enhance the Polymatrix coating by washing your car with the KORREK Pro TFCTM Reload shampoo. Reload is also perfect for washing uncoated cars. In such cases, the paintwork is veiled with thin protection whenever the car is washed.
  2. If you do not have the opportunity or time to take care of your car yourself, you can always consult an authorised KORREK Pro installer. They provide a large variety of KORREK Pro products and services.