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Korrek BOAT TFC UV-Coating Set

Practical starter kit for protective coating on a boat: Korrek BOAT TFC UV-Coating (700 ml), sponge for applying and microfiber cloth.

Spray UV coating on the boat surface, apply with the sponge and dry with a microfibre cloth. Extremely easy to work with, ready in no time and great results.


Highly durable thin film coating for boats providing UV protection and great gloss. Surface effectively deflects dirt, oils and other impurities during the whole boating season. Dirt comes off more easily.


700 ml



Lowest usable temperature +5°C.
1. Wash the boat with Korrek BOAT Shampoo before coating treatment. Prewash stubborn dirt with Korrek BOAT Hull Cleaner. Treat worn or heavily dirty surfaces beforehand with Korrek BOAT Cleaner Wax.
2. Shake the bottle before use. Spray the coating on a sponge or directly onto surface to be treated. Do the same to all areas to be treated. It is important to use a clean sponge for applying the product, e.g. a Korrek Autonpesusieni for the coating to spread evenly on the surface.
3. Finish by drying with a Korrek microfibre cloth. Alternatively, you can rinse the surfaces with water and finish with drying. Forming of protective and shiny surface does not require mechanical polishing.
4. Finally dry surfaces with a Korrek microfibre cloth.

Where to use

Korrek Boat TFC UV-Coating is suitable for gelcoat, lacquer, paint, and metal surfaces. Product is particularly suitable for protecting places that are not easily accessible, since forming of coating does not require mechanical polishing.


Boat about 30 feet long/50 m2


Protect from freezing.

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