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KORREK Boat Protection Wax

UV protection agent containing boat wax that forms a durable and dirt repelling protection.

Can also be applied and polished with a machine. Treat worn or heavily dirty surfaces beforehand with KORREK Boat Cleaner Wax.
KORREK Boat Protection Wax is suitable for gelcoat, metal, and plastic surfaces. The product does not contain silicone oil.


350 ml



1. Wash the boat with KORREK Boat Shampoo before waxing. Prewash stubborn dirt with KORREK Boat Hull Cleaner. Dry the boat or let it dry.
2. Shake the bottle well. Apply a thin layer of wax on a clean, dry surface.
3. Let the wax dry to a light gauze and polish the surfaces with a clean KORREK microfibre cloth. Can also be applied and polished with a machine.


Protect from freezing.

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